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You're in an accident, and you don't know what to do. Your mind is running through and thousand thoughts, and you start to panic. Time is important in traffic accidents, and traffic violations. More than any other violation due to the progression of time, the he said she said events of accidents, the forgetfulness. It can be terrifying to take it all in. Seattle Traffic Tickets is partnered with your go-to local Seattle lawyers. They offer more than just the legal consultation on any case, they also handle any and every traffic case that may come up.

Seattle Traffic Tickets partners with the best lawyers in the Seattle, WA area to help you fight your traffic ticket and win. Call today to talk to a local lawyer near you.

Speeding Tickets

The lawyers working with Seattle Traffic Tickets can handle things as simple as speeding tickets. When a majority of citizens simply pay off the sum for the speeding ticket, they fight back for you at top effort. They don't want to see a minor violation damage your public records, nor should you want to be a victim for not fighting back. Even simple speeding tickets can cause an increase in the probability of being ticketed again.

The attorneys are skilled in handling all forms of violations, and the consultation to give them a call is completely confidential. So the first thing after getting the speeding ticket would be to give them a call, even if you don't feel that you need to. Speaking with a legal representative that handles nothing but traffic will give your insight into your situation. When talking with an attorney you want to be honest with them, and forth coming with all information. That will leave you open to decide for yourself if you wish to have them take up your case or if you decide on other actions.

For a ticket received in Seattle, there is a required 15 day response. This gives you 15 days to follow the instructions on the ticket or to contact the Court to ask for a hearing. But remember rather than just paying it off and dealing with the consequences on your public files, the possible increase on future ticketing, and the possibility of your rights being overlooked to call a traffic lawyer.

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You were out and having dinner with a couple of friends, when on your way home you get pulled over. They do a Breathalyzer. You get arrested for DUI. DUI can be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In Seattle this percentage for being legally intoxicated is 0.8. Meaning that if you were to be 0.8 on a Breathalyzer test, then you would be able to be under arrest for DUI. The law firm of Seattle Traffic Tickets take these cases as seriously as you do. It can be confusing and frustrating getting arrested for DUI, especially when you didn't feel like you were drunk.

The percentage for people to be "buzzed" is 0.030 to 0.059 on a Breathalyzer. These results will not get you arrested, but it could get you pulled over. At 0.06 to 009 you are entering into the legally intoxicated zone. Anything beyond that is considerably more intoxicated, and may include slurred speech and swayed walking. The lawyers at Seattle Traffic Tickets are fully equipped to help your case, and put your rights first. Multiple DUI& convictions could lead to jail time, loss of job, and are placed on public records.

It has been studied that people with DUI on their records are severally more likely to be pulled over again. The legal firm of Seattle Traffic Tickets takes it seriously defending your rights, keeping you away from weak DUI cases, and working with you to ensure you are being fully represented.

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Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving is not always a case without responsible doubt. These cases are serious though, and should be handled sensitively as they can permanently damage your license and public files. The lawyers who are affiliated of Seattle Traffic Tickets are equipped to handle these cases and will promise to do everything they can to help get you out of the serious crime that it is. Reckless Driving is classified specifically under the State of Washington as "any person who drives any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property". This can also include the charges of Racing on streets, and anything as considering a person who is hampered in the operation of a vehicle. 

It is considered a gross misdemeanor and has a judicial variation from 0-364 days in jail as well as a fine from $0-$5,000. It also leads to an automatic license suspension of 30 day. With this license suspension will also lead to a possible higher insurance rate as you will have to file for a SR-22 Insurance for the following 3 years. These all sound terrible, right? That is why you need to stop and make logical choices. Call Seattle Traffic Tickets, they offer their legal consultation and are well-versed in doing everything they can to ensure that your rights are being upheld. The attorney’s will work to keep you from as much as they can, and try to keep you away from jail time. They are able to work with you, and being honest and up front with them will be the best thing to help with your case.

There are several different levels that need to be considered after having been in an auto accident. The first of several is how badly the vehicles have been damaged, to how severely you and the other person were injured, and the list of things that you may not think of in the after-effects of an accident.

Whether you are at fault or not, calling a lawyer is going to be one of the best things for you to do. Even if you don't think it's that serious, or the insurance company will be handle it isn't going to hurt to call an attorney and see what all your options are. The Seattle Traffic Tickets law firm is here to listen to your side of the story, the events that happened, and the injuries you sustained and help you fight for your rights to not be permanently harmed through the legal or medical system. They will help you through all the expenses, the medical short and long-term effects, and represent you in any court hearings that may result.

If you are not at fault, then you should call an attorney to help get fair compensation for medical, damages, missed work and expenses due to the accident. It is very important to call an attorney that you feel comfortable with, and can put trust in, to take an honest effort into your case and look out for what is best for you.

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Driving with a Revoked License

Driving with a revoked license is a serious criminal offense. It is often called by DWLS which there are three degrees of.

DWLS-3 is the lowest of the charges, though it is still a criminal misdemeanor. It is usually the effect of an ignored traffic ticket, no proof of insurance with the Department of Licensing, or a violation of specific terms of a driver's license. This can result in 90 days in jail and up to $1,000 fine.

DWLS-2 is a gross misdemeanor and occurs when a license is revoked, but is not able to be reinstated. Up to 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine are the applicable punishments for a DWLS-2.

While under an order of revocation under the Habitual Traffic Offenders Act, DWLS-1 is a gross misdemeanor that has a higher penalty than the other two. The lawyers at Seattle Traffic Tickets are fully involved in trying to get charges lowered and if applicable to have them dropped entirely.

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Red Light Violations

Red light traffic tickets can be caused by failing to stop at a red light, turning right at a red light when it is legally posted that it is not allowed. Red light traffic tickets can include fines, points off your driving record, and possibly increased insurance rates.

The local Seattle attorneys want to keep these from happening to you. Though it may seem easier to pay the fine, in the long run it may be better for you to work with an attorney to fight or appeal your situation. This may seem excessive, but if points have already been deducted from a license a red light traffic ticket can result in a revoked license completely. Speaking with one of our affiliate Seattle lawyers is a completely confidential consultation, and it gives you more options than simply paying a fine that you may not be applicable.

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Driving Without Insurance

It is required to have at least a minimum insurance coverage. In the state of Washington it is punishable by a fine of a minimum of $450. It is a traffic violation that is not usually punishable by jail time, unless taken to court and found a habitual offender.

Speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible in this case is vital, to ensure that all of your rights are protected. The law firms working with our company are dedicated to ensuring that even simple misdemeanors are handled with you at the forefront of the case.

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Traffic Ticket Resources

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