Driving Without Insurance in Seattle

Under RCW 46.30.020, it is the law that all drivers in Seattle, WA must be insured in order to be able to take full financial responsibility in case of a motor vehicle accident. If a driver is stopped by the police, it is then required to provide proof that the driver is indeed covered. Either the vehicle belongs to the driver or not, the individual must be insure. If proof of insurance cannot be provided then the driver will get a minimum traffic infraction fee of 450$ which will be an addition charge to the infraction that caused the police to pull over.

Looking to Fight the Insurance Infraction

If you have insurance, you or an attorney can appear in court to fight the infraction fee and your charge might decrease to paying an administrative fee of 25$ or have the charge cancelled. If you indeed don’t have insurance then it would be best to hire an experienced attorney who is familiar with Seattle to fight the no insurance charge and the initial charge. Unless you are taken to court and you’re considered a habitual offender, you won’t receive jail time for this traffic violation.

Out of State Registration

When you drive a vehicle in Washington State that’s registered in another state, you need to carry the type of insurance required by that state and you must be able to provide the documented proof that you are insured to law enforcement if it’s requested.

If pleaded guilty, this may lead to a suspension of your licence but fortunately there are ways to avoid this. It would be best to consult with your attorney to determine which course of action would work to your advantage. Choose a law firm within King County and a lawyer who is familiar with the area you were given the law enforcement gives you the traffic ticket. This increases your chances of fighting off this charge because the lawyer might know some defenses or municipal laws about that area.

When to Call an Attorney?

Getting in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible in this case is crucial to ensure that your rights are presented. The more time the lawyer has, the better the chances the he or she will build a stronger case for your defence.

Please note that, any documentation related to your uninsured driving will be updated in your driving record. It is by far the most important variable. Although most people don’t realize it, your driving record is highly valuable as it is one of the most important factor considered by the insurance company when determining your premium. Any minor infractions or conviction, can show up on your driving record and affect your insurance and other aspect of your personal life.

The Washington State Department of Licensing is a great resource for additional information on traffic violations related to a revoked or suspended license: www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/suspended.html.

When such a situation occurs, you don’t have to fight it alone. There is a team of experienced lawyers ready to represent you on your defence, protect your rights and bring justice on your side. You don’t have to face the consequences handed to you by the law enforcement, so why let it take effect on your everyday life? It is important to act fast for delaying this process can lead to further legal and financial complications.

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